Typical Client Questions

  1. How do you define the project?

    After an initial face-to-face meeting, I will develop a proposal for your review that includes the term of the engagement, an articulation of the outcome or product, and a monthly retainer for a defined number of hours and products. We will work together to revise the proposal so that it meets your needs and can be reflected in our contract.

  2. Suppose I am unclear about what we need from you?

    For a flat fee I can conduct an initial assessment and diagnostic, which would define the issue to be addressed and provide a proposal regarding scope of work, the amount of time to be spent, and outcomes to be achieved.

  3. Suppose the project is taking less time—or more time—than we expected? Suppose there are other factors that impact our ability to achieve results?

    We will in our scope of work set a regular time to evaluate progress under the contract. This business meeting can be monthly or quarterly. This will give us an opportunity, separate from the contract work itself, to determine whether we need to redefine our working relationship, its terms and desired outcomes. I want you to feel that our work together is helping you meet your objectives.

  4. How much is this going to cost?

    I will work with you to meet your needs within your budget. I prefer not to bill clients on an hourly basis, but rather to define the number of hours to be spent and then bill a monthly retainer, which would cover a defined amount of time, including meetings to be attended and tasks to be completed.

  5. How do I know if I need a coach?

    Leaders who want to take their leadership, and their company, to the next level may benefit from executive coaching. An executive coach can work with you on a regular basis to articulate your priorities and values, reflect on your leadership and progress, and set goals to take your leadership and your organization into the future. I am happy to talk with you about executive coaching, what it offers, and whether it is a fit for your needs and interests.

What others are saying about Maith Consulting...

"Sheila has been a great resource in talking through company challenges and personnel issues. I have developed a better understanding of what it takes to be a coach as Sheila has been able to provide the right management tools to assist our organization to become successful. Sheila is very thoughtful, has a good listening ear and provides comments that guide you to help resolve your own problems. She does not tell you what to do, but rather helps direct you in the right direction."
—Brad Bishop
Executive Director
Rural Housing Development Corporation
Provo, Utah