Are you struggling to keep focus on the big picture?

Is your company navigating a maze of challenges?

Do you need a partner to support you in moving your company and your leadership forward?

I work with leaders to achieve the highest results and fulfill their potential. My clients want to thrive, grow and excel in a challenging climate. I do this by providing:

Executive Coaching and Support:

  • Coaching leaders who want to achieve more and serve their organizations with excellence. It can be lonely at the top. Day-to-day tasks can derail progress towards long-term performance and personal growth objectives. I provide the coaching executives need to take their performance and organization to the next level.

Organizational Services:

  • Helping organizations articulate a clear vision and alignment of performance objectives. Attracting clients, raising funds and reaching influencers requires a compelling message about the difference you make. The key to deploying resources effectively is managing to clear performance objectives and results that align with your vision. I can help you develop both.
  • Advising on the effective alignment between staff, program and operations. Many companies struggle as resources are deployed in ways that do not advance the organizational mission. I help you to take a fresh look at how to meet your performance objectives and achieve greater impact.
  • Developing and delivering training to meet your needs. Let's work together to identify what your staff needs. Together we can structure the most effective learning experience for your team.
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What others are saying about Maith Consulting...

"Sheila's coaching was enormously valuable in guiding me to think through how to position my organization for real impact. Her questions and insights helped me to bring my best thinking to the challenge at hand. I would recommend her as a coach to any leader looking to take their organization—and their own leadership—to the next level."
—Chris Norman
Fulton County/City of Atlanta Land Bank Authority

"Sheila Maith worked with our staff to help develop a greater focus on the value of well-defined measurable performance goals in attaining important mission outcomes. Her thorough preparation and skillful presentation of these concepts and frameworks have contributed to a culture change within our organization. We have always been committed to our mission—now we are better able to achieve it."
—Bob Newman
President and CEO, Virginia Community Development Corporation