Services I Provide:

  • Consulting targeted to your needs.

    Both non-profit and for-profit enterprises face resource constraints. Companies face fierce competition. Not-for-profit organizations face shrinking public and philanthropic funds. You do not have unlimited resources to hire consultants who have cookie-cutter products that are one size fits all.

    I understand that the most effective leaders are motivated by a love for the work, a desire to serve their customers, and a commitment to make positive contributions to the world. I analyze your needs and the results you seek, and together we will define a scope of work to meet your objectives within the time and resources available.

  • Coaching for leaders.

    Leaders must be focused and performance-driven not merely to survive, but to make a difference. Many executives need a sounding board to stay focused on strategic priorities amidst the challenges of day-to-day operations.

    I partner with leaders to see new possibilities, leverage their strengths and achieve their goals. I received a Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University's Institute for Transformational Leadership in 2014. I have experience as a Board member, a funder, and an advocate. I can analyze and synthesize information, raise questions and identify new approaches to propel you forward. We can work together to help you to achieve your goals and fulfill your potential.

  • Recruitment, staffing and retention.

    In today's environment passion for mission is not enough. You have to get the right people on board before your organization can begin moving in the right direction.

    I advise on developing a talent pool for filling vacant positions, identify staff retention strategies, and evaluate staffing structure. I have designed departments, conducted talent searches and hired staff ranging from establishing completely new functions to rethinking departments undergoing major changes. I can advise you on how to think about your most valuable resource—your people—and position your company for success in the future.

  • Effective alignment of resources.

    Many companies have organization charts that are remnants of previous management and old ways of thinking. These dinosaurs can prevent effective deployment of the talent you have on staff. Take a fresh look at whether your people are working successfully to leverage their strengths to achieve results. I can work with you to identify strengths and deploy your resources strategically.

  • Strategic partnerships and collaborations.

    In today's world every organization is challenged to do more with less. Identifying and forging partnerships can help you leverage your resources for maximum impact. Together we can identify potential partners to support you in achieving your performance goals.

    At the Fannie Mae Foundation I built a partnership with the Ash Institute at Harvard's Kennedy School to create a Foundation-branded Innovations Award recognizing state and local leadership in advancing affordable housing policy. I also partnered with national organizations, including the National Governors Association and the U.S. Conference of Mayors, to advance thinking on the creation of affordable housing.

Recent Clients Include:

  • United Way Worldwide
  • National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development
  • NeighborWorks® America (multiple engagements)
  • Calvert Foundation